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This article needs additional citations for verification. Administration of a Wassermann test at a clinic for Florida migratory farm workers in 1941. The reaction is not specific to syphilis and will produce wasserman PDF positive reaction to other diseases, including systemic lupus erythematosus, malaria, and tuberculosis. The Wassermann test is ineffective at identifying primary syphilis as sufficient reagin has not yet been produced from tissue destruction at this stage.

Therefore, more effective methods have been a common research topic. The antibody test was developed by Wassermann, Julius Citron, and Albert Neisser at the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases in 1906. The role of the spirochaete in the Wassermann reaction ». Standardization of the Wassermann Test: Abstract of Progress Test ».

Am J Public Health Nations Health. New York City, New York, U. American politician serving as the U. Wasserman Schultz was elected chairperson of the Democratic National Committee in May 2011, replacing Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. One IED was also sent to her office in Aventura as well. Born in Forest Hills, Queens, New York, she is the daughter of Ann and Larry Wasserman. From 1968 to 1978, the family lived in Lido Beach on Long Island.

In 1978, her family moved to Melville, also on Long Island, where she graduated from Half Hollow Hills High School East in 1984. At the University of Florida, Wasserman Schultz was active in student government, serving as president of the Student Senate and the founder and president of the Rawlings Area Council Government. Wasserman Schultz lives in Weston, near Fort Lauderdale. She is a mother of three and is married to Steve Schultz.

In March 2009, she revealed that she had undergone seven surgeries related to breast cancer in 2008, while maintaining her responsibilities as a member of the House. That year, she promoted efforts for early screening for breast cancer. In 1988, Wasserman Schultz became an aide to Peter Deutsch at the beginning of his state legislative career. She served in the Florida State House of Representatives for eight years, and had to leave office due to state term limits. She was appointed to the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee in her first term. She currently chairs the Committee’s Legislative Branch subcommittee, which Pelosi returned to the Committee after it was dissolved by Republican leadership in 2005. Wasserman Schultz is pro-choice on some issues, supports gun control legislation, and is a supporter of the LGBT community.