CLAMP North Side : Art-book 1989-2002 PDF

The main artist in this serialization is Tsubaki Nekoi, formerly Mick Nekoi. The series was put on hold in 2003, as the magazine it was serialized in ceased its publication. When Kazahaya Kudo collapsed in the snow one night and CLAMP North Side : Art-book 1989-2002 PDF the verge of death, he is rescued by a mysterious young man, Rikuo Himura, who takes him back to a pharmacy named the Green Drugstore.

Clamp North Side est un art book du groupe Clamp composé d’illustrations originales, d’illustrations de couverture ou de chapitres de diverses séries : Trèfle, Magic Knight Rayearth, Sôryûden Gengashû (série non parue en France, créée par Clamp et Yoshiki Tanaka), Shin Shunkaden, Clamp in wonderland. Ce titre comprend une mini-BD originale ainsi qu’une interview des Clamp dans laquelle elles expliquent leur rencontre, leurs méthodes de travail… À la fin de l’ouvrage chaque illustration est présentée dans son contexte de parution.

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Kazahaya, apparently running from his past, takes up work at the Green Drugstore alongside Rikuo. He comments that although Rikuo rescued him, he really feels indebted to the store’s owner, Kakei, whom he thanks for his current accommodation and job. While their day job is quite simple, the boys are persuaded and, in some cases, practically forced by Kakei to take on strange extra jobs outside the store, which make use of their supernatural powers. The main protagonist of the series. Above all else, Kazahaya does not want to die – a fact which seems to be linked to a girl from his past named Kei, his twin sister.

In his thoughts, he has indicated that he and Kei lived a secluded life, effectively trapped on a single property where no other children lived, and also indicates that neither he nor Kei ever finished their schooling even at the elementary level. The second protagonist of the series, Rikuo is Kazahaya’s current co-worker and roommate, as well as the one who found Kazahaya lying nearly dead in the snow. Similarly to Kazahaya, his mysterious past is also centered on a woman, this one named Tsukiko. It appears that they lived together at some point, though at present the exact nature of their relationship remains unknown. The owner of the Green Drugstore, Kakei is the one who sends the two boys out on missions, usually without telling them everything first. He seems to know exactly how things will turn out due to his power of precognition, however it has been noted that this power cannot be used on someone more powerful than himself, as in the case of his failures to find Tsukiko for Rikuo.